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First check if you have any working connection  HERE
If it is syncing but slow do the following:

Make sure you back up your digitalnotewallet.wallet (this is the file where your money is stored inside) to a pen drive (or any folder on your HDD) ,
back up the other files too, it is better to be safe than sorry.
AFTER BACKUP DELETE all files in the folder except digitalnotewallet.wallet - but keep the folder
(The wallet software will re-create everything. Don't worry.)

XDN wallet data The file blocks.dat is the blockchain, a rather large file, the culprit for syncing going on forever.

DOWNLOAD this file saves you days of waiting. Scan it for viruses, just to be secure, if you like.

Copy, paste and replace this file you downloaded to this PC folder: C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Roaming\digitalnote Run your DIGITALNOTE wallet and wait until gets synchronized. Note: Remember that your DIGITALNOTE wallet needs updating until today (the downloaded blockchain contains all blocks up to Deptember 1st, 2017),
so you'll have to wait for a full sync. Digital Notes Wallet is now synced XDN wallet connected >connected digital notes not connected >NOT connected

If the left icon shows >NOT connected check if your firewall blocks Digital Note Wallet. More Info Here

Check that the clock on your computer is close to real time. Change your system settings so that your system clock is synced to an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server.

If syncing still doesn't start open the file digitalnotewallet.log in AppData/Roaming/digitalnote/ with Wordpad. It contains all info for further investigation.

XDN wallet log file 

STILL NOT SYNCING / connecting to Node Server of DigitalNote ?
Replace p2pstate.bin with a file from a syncing wallet.  Download this working p2pstate.bin
Replace poolstate.bin with a file from a syncing wallet. Download this working poolstate.bin

The Digital Notes QT wallet has a unique inbuilt feature: You can earn monthly interest.

XDN pays you interest

If this XDN HELP SITE was useful for you, please send some thousand DigitalNotes (XDN) to


Did you know that the XDN wallet can be used to send REALLY confidential messages to business partners ?
They can be self destructive as well. Look at the fee for a message. For 1 Cent you will be able to send thousands of
truely anonymous encrypted messages.<

send thousands of encrypted secret messages for 1 cent

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